About Queensline

Welcome to the #1 Floating Cruise Restaurant in Mumbai

Ready to dine in the #1 Boat Restaurant in Mumbai?

Water knows No Boundaries, Neither Does Queensline.

Once the preferred cruise ships of the European and British royal families, Queensline is proud to introduce to Mumbai “Queensline Neverland & Queensline Sea YAH”.

With the launch of Queensline’s first vessels - the Queensline Neverland & the Queensline Sea Yah, the brand aspires to take over Mumbai’s seas and provide its guests an opportunity to experience Mumbai like never before with its picturesque view and delectable culinary experience.

1.  Experiential Dining on a Cruise

Queensline offers you a one of a kind cruising experience on the Arabian Sea.

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2.  Celebrate in Mumbai

Make your momentous occasions even more memorable with a place that offers the best of ambience, dining and dancing.

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3.  Build Memories in Mumbai

Come onboard to enjoy live music, delectable food, best in class hospitality and a picturesque view of Mumbai’s skyline like you’ve never seen before.

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4.  A Getaway within city limits

Planning a getaway can be a cumbersome task but not with Queensline.

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5.  Romance in Mumbai

Queensline is the perfect destination for a memorable date.

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6.  360° view

Queensline offers a panoramic view of Mumbai’s skyline while cruising on the beautiful sea.

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