Queensline Floating Restaurant at Gateway of India
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Water knows No Boundaries, Neither Does Queensline.
Once the preferred cruise ships of the European and British royal families, Queensline is proud to introduce to Mumbai “Queensline Neverland & Queensline Sea YAH”.
With the launch of Queensline’s first vessels- the Queensline Neverland & the Queensline Sea YAH  the fleet aims to take over Mumbai’s seas from the Gateway of India and Chowpatty and provide its guests the finest view of the stars and the skyline paired with a phenomenal dining experience.
In essence, Queensline vessels are envisaged as luxurious floating restaurants offering unforgettable experiences which guests will treasure. This makes them prized gems of the Mumbai coastline.


Shripriya Dalmia Thirani, Queensline’s commander-in-chief, is a quintessential Delhi-ite with a strong connection to Mumbai. Growing up, she spent her summers playing on Mumbai’s beaches and developed an attachment to the city’s seas and skyline. 
Many years later she spearheaded the Queensline fleet to share with people her fascination with Mumbai’s seas. A wave-maker in the truest sense, she pays attention to every detail of her passion project. 
Under her, Queensline won a crucial bid against industry stalwarts, granting it the rights to operate a cruise and open a series of restaurants on the sea. Queensline is making history by opening up the seas as a venue for entertainment, dining and events. From Queensline, Mumbai can be experienced from a new perspective.


Mumbai’s skyline is an unparalleled beauty but very difficult to take in fully except from the air. Shripriya envisioned changing this by launching a luxurious fleet of ships- Queensline. Aboard these ships, guests can sit back, relax and take in the view of Mumbai’s glorious skyline. The fleet’s crowning jewel would be the unique culinary experience it offers to guests. 
Queensline aims to redefine luxurious culinary cruising, expand its fleet and with it, the comforts it offers on-board. We wish to be the largest group of entertainment vessels not only in India but the world over. Having acquired oriental Turkish vessels in Mumbai, we want to make a statement of living and dining on board where utmost attention is paid even to the smallest of details.