Mumbai’s First Cruising Chain of Floatels

Have you been an admirer of the sea and love frequenting sea side restaurants? Queensline is a one of a kind cruising restaurant experience that will make you fall in love with the sea and the city all over again.

1.  360° View

Queensline offers a panoramic view of Mumbai’s skyline while cruising on the beautiful sea. It is an experience unlike any other in the city. Cozy lower decks for private gatherings and vibrant upper decks for fun and exciting events makes Queensline an incomparable experience. Queensline brings you an opportunity to embrace the sea with open arms.

360° View


2.  Celebrate in Mumbai


6.  Experiential Dining on a Cruise

Queensline offers you a one of a kind cruising experience on the Arabian Sea. It’s an opportunity to feel the wind in your hair and the gentle splash of water on your skin. Why stand at the shore and admire the beauty of the sea, when you can come onboard Queensline and be a part of the sailing experience?

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